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House electrical wiring

Rewiring a house isn’t the easiest of tasks – unless you have the appropriate training and skills, you should consider leaving it to a residential electrical wiring electrician. At Inlightech Electrical Solutions, we provide a full rewiring service to homeowners across Perth. Whether you’re preparing to extend your property or are planning to move into a house that’s older than 25 years, let us put you at ease.

If a building hasn’t been rewired in the last 25 years, it probably requires upgrading, whether partly or completely, to make sure it complies with the latest safety standards. Given the number of electrical devices used in modern households compared to the previous decades, house electrical wiring might be under pressure from a large amount of electricity usage, and could potentially be dangerous.

Renovation and New Home Wiring Services in Perth

A complete or partial rewire might also be required if you’re intending renovation work. By the building regulations, this is defined as a ‘material alteration’. This usually includes an upgrade of the fuse board. In the case of attic and room extensions or garage conversions, any new wiring must comply with the Building Regulations, and existing wiring in those rooms should also be improved to make sure it can safely carry additional loads. Whether it is earthed according to current requirements; and has adequate cross bonding. If you’re extending or remodelling, the residential electrical wiring in the rest of your property would not require upgrading unless needed by the Building Regulations’ energy efficient specifications.

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