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RCD Installation in Perth

Over time, the power consumption in households has increased, as homes just need more power. Australia’s safety standards for electricity has also changed immensely. With these definite changes, we get to know more about the integrity and protection of the electricity running within our homes. The integrity of the wiring in a house, particularly on the switchboard, is critical in ensuring your family’s safety. The old porcelain fuses are out of date and are not safe anymore. If you want your home to be electrically reliable, you need the security of a modern RCD (Residual Current Device) and a specialist in RCD safety switches to install in Perth.

Rcd Safety Switch Installation and Services in Perth
RCD gives primary protection against electric shocks and fires. While they are usually observed on switchboards, they can also be used portably. You can hire Inlightech Electrical Solutions to review your portable and fixed devices at a convenient time that suits you.It is essential to have sufficient switches installed in your workplace to make sure of the safety of your employees. We provide RCD installation services in Perth for both upgrades, replacements and faulty and insufficient RCDs respectively.We make sure that our electricians work to the latest safety standards. Our broad industry knowledge is available to you. Our customers profit from fully completed jobs and detailed reports. Our ongoing relations with customers are advantageous for both parties – allow us to take care of all your testing requirements and you need not worry about it.

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