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Outdoor lighting

Inlightech Electrical Solutions has fixed hundreds of outdoor lighting in Perth. The volume of people installing outdoor domestic lighting has increased dramatically in the last few years. There are two primary reasons to have outdoor lighting. Firstly, it can improve the look and feel of your outdoor space of your home. Landscape lighting will make sure your outdoor living space can be used even at night time. Secondly, it provides outdoor security lighting which assists in reducing the risk of thefts or crime as it acts as a deterrent. Solar lighting is a great option if you are green conscious.

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Outdoor lighting Installation

Outdoor halogen lights are conventional and guaranteed to give you the light you need however, the conventional bulbs dissipate a lot of heat and energy and can end up costing you more.

Over the past 10 years, low voltage outdoor LED lights have turned into the more popular choice of lighting. LED lights are a lot more reasonable than they used to be. The improvements have made LED a lot brighter and they can withstand temperature and weather changes. It has been confirmed that running an outdoor LED light is up to 85% lesser than your standard halogen bulb.


To completely change the look of your garden, all you need is well-positioned and well-placed outdoor lights. There are many different possibilities to help you get your outdoor space to look great. From contemporary lighting to the more traditional like lantern shapes, there are many options, and you are only limited by your imagination.We have been building our reputation for a long period and only offer the best quality fittings and outdoor lighting solutions at a low price.We offer quality outdoor lighting installation solutions to homes and we source the most suitable and quality fixtures at a lesser price due to our procuring power.We install your dream light installation outside your home, to some of the highest standards of workmanship. For a free quote or more information from your residential lighting contractor,give us a call at (08) 6383 8016.
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