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Low voltage wiring

It is tough for many of today’s house owners to envision a home without Wi-Fi or high-speed Internet, home automation controls for amenities such as music and lighting and the latest security systems with cameras.

And so many of the homebuilders are making installation of structured cabling in new construction or offering it as an option. And while the basics are all the same, installing low voltage wiring is a completely different thing. Whether you’re managing an electrical project or you’re a homeowner, Inlightech Electrical Solutions will help you gain a better understanding of how low voltage wiring works and how a low voltage electrician can help.

The Low-Down on Low Voltage Wiring.

So, how does the installation of standard electrical cabling differ from the installation of structured cabling? Most cable outlets have  120V or 240V of electricity. But low voltage wiring doesn’t take the same current as that of the power outlets, switches and fixtures installed in homes. Low voltage wiring is meant to carry 50 volts of electricity or less than that.  

Low voltage wiring is often used for Smart doorbells,  garage door opener controls, telephones, heating and cooling thermostats, alarm system sensors and controls (security system cameras, motion sensors), and LED or low voltage lighting.

The infrastructure on which low voltage wiring functions is known as structured cabling. A structured wiring system is designed on a different network from that of a home’s wiring. In most cases,  at first, the home’s main electrical system is installed, which is then followed by low voltage wiring. 

Low Voltage Wiring Installation and Services in Perth
The performance of a structured cabling system is supported by a good design. An experienced low voltage electrician can provide you with good design considering airflow and cooling issues, allows for redundancy, chooses the correct cabling for the job, and plans the cabling patch ways.If you would like to find out more about low voltage wiring, give us a call today on (08) 6383 8016.
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