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Garden lighting Perth

Inlightech Electrical Solutions creates garden lighting design concepts in Perth that are tailored to you. As outdoor garden lighting designers in Perth, we create a design as to how best to light your garden with positions for each light, its spec and the reason for its choice.

Best Garden Lighting Installation and Services Perth

Outdoor garden lighting Perth

Our team of designers can offer a solution to any outdoor light requirement in Perth whether decorative, functional or security-driven. We plan, install and maintain flexible designs using cutting-edge switching systems customised to your personal needs from entirely integrated dimmable solutions to individual zone remote switching.Our core focus for design which works well and now represents about 80% of our design is the design package. From these  landscaping plans, we come up with a design package together which details firstly in script what lights are going where and why, supported up by a lighting plan to exhibit positions in the plan view of each light. We provide the garden lighting installation in Perth by our expert electricians placing the lights in their exact position and offering support for installation once on the ground and adjusting the lights to get the maximum effect. We provide the necessary service throughout the installation process. We build flexibility into all our outdoor garden lighting designs in Perth so that your scheme can be modified, developed or upgraded in the future and it can be adjusted as your design changes or the garden grows.

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