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Electrical Rewiring for your Healthy Home

The rewiring of a home is a large project in terms of time and financial investment, so you want to make sure you are in excellent hands with the process.

There are several signs which indicate your home could need rewiring, but we always recommend a full electrical safety check to identify specific issues. If your home is 20 or 25 years old, it is probably a good idea to have the wiring inspection to be sure that no problems have developed. 

The best way to have your home checked is to contact the electricians in Perth, who can then identify and hopefully solve any problems while they are there. 

Any exposed wires must be immediately repaired or waterproofed. Remember rats love chewing on electrical cables, they must continually chew on things or their teeth grow too long. Your wiring makes perfect exercise for them. So, check all accessible cables, especially those in the basement and roof.

One of the easiest checks to make is the colour of the wire in your home. Older wiring may be all black. Old wiring struggles to stand up to the demands of modern home appliances, often causing the safety switch or fuse to repeatedly trip. If your home has the older type of wiring you should have it inspected for safety. There is a good chance your home needs rewiring.

North Perth Electricians, such as Perth-based Inlightech, can spot the issues early on before they can turn into major dangers for your property, your family members or yourself. People use a lot more appliances and electrical devices than they used to, so older house’s wiring may not be able to handle the demands of a modern family safely. This could result in overloaded circuits, smoke, fire, Wsor shocks.

An electric shock can be life-threatening. If you feel a small shocking or stunning sensation when you touch an electrical appliance, that is a good indication of lack of proper grounding, loose wiring, or bare wiring. If your appliances are shocking you, call a domestic Perth electrician immediately to prevent any further danger.

Inlightech Electrical Solutions have completed the rewiring of many Perth homes which were dangerous due to old insulation of the wiring breaking down, causing blow fuses on old porcelain boards, even worse causing fires due to the arching of the wires shorting out. Replacing switches, sockets, and ceiling roses as well as any damaged cabling in the home. Kitchen and bathroom lighting and other House electrical wiring to avoid any type of electrical problems

In many cases, electrical rewiring must be performed by trained, qualified electricians that will issue a certificate of work to the homeowner. Even if it were not required by law, it is still prudent since this kind of work is dangerous and can result in serious harm and property loss if done incorrectly.

Home Renovation Services in Perth are available in all circumstances.

Emergency Electricians are always there to satisfy your home needs and safeguard your home from all sorts of electrical problems.

Stay safe with Inlightech, your 24/7 electrician in Perth.

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