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Air Conditioner Installation Perth


Hire an affordably priced new air conditioner installation service in Perth by a specialist qualified electrician/aircon installer in Perth

Phone or google, local electrician near me Perth, for an affordably priced new air conditioner installation service in Perth. A reverse cycle air conditioner provides cool air in summer and efficiently heats your home or office in winter. Phone our air conditioning installation specialist electrician for:

  1. A free on-site air conditioning installation price quote.
  2. Recommendation for the power rating of your new air conditioner for the size of the room you want to be conditioned. (air conditioners not only warm or cool rooms but on humid days also reduce humidity.)
  3. Benefits of a split system air conditioner.
  4. Information such as air conditioner efficiency ratings about different air conditioner brands and models that you might have in mind.
  5. Availability of air-conditioners in Perth.
  6. A time and date of when our specialist air conditioner installer will install your brand new air conditioner in Perth. 
Best New Air Conditioner Installation Services in Perth
Best New Air Conditioner Installation Services in Perth

Air Con Benefits and Options

The temperature of your home can have a great influence on your health, mood, and overall comfort. Whether you have a ducted air conditioning and heating system, split air conditioning system or evaporative air conditioning, the Inlightech trained air conditioner installation experts in Perth know that not all systems work identically and can help you with:

  • Air conditioning installation options such as discussion with you about the best, most efficient air conditioner location, use of existing power points or new power point installation for your new air conditioner, etc.
  • Power options and features of your new air conditoner.
  • Cleaning of air conditioner air filters.
  • Air conditioning servicing Perth wide
  • Thermostat testing and calibration
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Heater servicing, including portable heaters
  • Servicing indoor and outdoor air con units

Phone (08) 6383 8016 to attend your home to provide an accurate air conditioning installation price quote

Your air conditioner plays an essential role in providing cooling relief to you and your family, particularly during the summer months. Completely through the year, your air conditioner may endure issues and it may require air conditioning repair. Extended usage and elements such as weather, have a role in the degradation of your air conditioners.

Air conditioning service is vital in extending the life of the equipment. As with any air handling equipment, routine preventive maintenance and service are necessary for several reasons. Particularly for improved health benefits and to limit the possibility of breakdown when you need it most.

Inlightech Electrical Solutions in North Perth provides homes with first-rate air conditioning repairs and air conditioning services Perth. Maximize your unit with routine maintenance. In this way, you can get the most out of your air conditioner and also save money.

Part of our intensive service is to eliminate the build-up of any toxic mould, fungi or bacteria. Our air conditioning installation and service is available for all types of equipment.

Air conditioning repair service Perth

Why air conditioners need servicing and repairs in Perth

Air conditioner units always encounter the risk of malfunctions. We understand that it can be frustrating if your air conditioner breaks down, especially in summer, but you can rely on our air-conditioner repairers to fix air con problems to get it working well, without any fuss. With your permission, air conditioning repairs are carried out immediately to make sure your air conditioner is back up and working. Service appointments are scheduled at a time fitting you. We arrive at the promised time and we won’t keep you waiting. There are no hidden air conditioner service/repair fees. We offer clear and straightforward air con service rates.

Phone Perth's Air Conditioner Installation, Service and Repair Specialists (08) 6383 8016

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