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Electrical Fire Safety

What Causes Electrical Fires?

Did you know that electrical fires account for about 51,000 residential fires each year? Prevent electrical fires by learning the risks and causes of electrical fires is the best way to protect your family. The Most Common Causes of Electrical Fires Usually, electrical fires start due to excessive heat or a single spark. Here is …

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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

It’s the merrier time of the year and as much as it’s important to enjoy this wonderful time of the year with your family and friends it is also necessary to keep in mind the safety regulation of electricity. Inlightech, offering the best domestic electrical services in Perth is here with insightful tips on holiday …

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Upgrade To LED Lighting

You might be wondering why it is essential to upgrade to LED Lighting? Well, According to the Department of Energy stats LED lights consumes 75% of less energy compared to traditional incandescent lights. Replacing CFLs and incandescent lights with LED lights are increasing gradually. We all know the benefits of LED installation. But still, some …

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Ideas on Easy and Safe Lifestyle for Elderly Homeowners

Exterior and Interior motion sensors are great for security, safety and convenience for elderly homeowners or houseguest. Safe Lifestyle for Elderly Homeowners starts with installing Interior motion sensors which prevent you and/or your guest from fumbling for the light switch, as low visibility is a common reason for slips and falls. Wireless Motion-Sensing Lights If …

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